Who am I?

Welcome to my blog... I'm completely new to this and don't spend a lot of time behind the computer so bare with me! I'm learning how to use this as we go. 😂

First things first, I shall introduce myself. I'm Grace, the fourth generation of the family business alongside my brother. Some of you will know me from the shop, some from the farm, or quite simply Robin's daughter and Rosemary's granddaughter as you will more than likely know them more than me. I switch between working in the shop and on the farm and if you don't find there I'm more than likely with my horses.

I tend to be put to the test in each part of the business when they are at their busiest and need extra help to pull the weight. However, I can't pull that much physically... you'll understand if you've seen my height.😂 I join the farm alongside my dad and brother for the Summer months to help with harvest and sowing next years crops.

So if you see a young female driving a tractor around the local area it is more than likely me. I then join the shop team for the Winter months to help with the Christmas rush and prepare all your orders. You will find me fetching orders on pick up days.

So, at the moment I'm busy helping on the farm. We are roughly half way through our harvest. Despite there still being some crops left in the ground we are already planning and preparing land for next years crops which makes it a very busy time of year. The yields aren't as good as we'd like ; this mainly due to the extremely wet Autumn mother nature handed us. I sound like a typical farmer here, always moaning about the weather.😳

The purpose of my blog is to try and give you an insight to my life within the roles I play in the business and to what it is like being a young farmer. I'd also like to try and educate people more about farming so I will try and explain as much as I can without making it feel like your at school! Please feel free to ask any questions and I will be more than happy to answer them if I can. Any feedback or requests will also be accepted.

So that's that, my first blog post. This is just an introduction to me and the blog. The next one will be more interesting to you I hope! I plan to give you an introduction and update on what's happened on the farm and what I have been up to.

Until then, hoping you all stay safe!


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