The Farm

As I'm working on the farm in current times I thought I'd give you an overview of what sort of farm we are and an insight to what I've been up to!

The farm is mainly arable, we grow a range of cereals such as wheat, barley and oats as well as break crops including oiled seed rape, sugar beet and beans. This is the main area of the farm and where most time is spent from preparing seed beds to then sow the crops, treating them with fertilisers and chemicals to ensure they are kept healthy all year round to then harvesting them. Alongside this we also have a herd of beef cattle which many of you will know are home reared and produced into the shop.

However, it isn't all tractor work and looking after the cattle. There are always maintenance jobs and repairs to be done around the yards and on machinery. Urgent ones are completed when they are needed too but many of these jobs are more than likely completed in the Winter when field work is a little less quiet and more time can be spent on making sure these sort of jobs are done to a good and safe standard. You may see less farmers in the fields and on the roads in the Winter but they are still hard at work just more behind the doors of their workshop. More than likely a cuppa not far away! :)

Since the last time I wrote we have been unable to complete as much harvesting as we would like due to the thunderstorms and showers we have encountered. There have been some dry days in between but due to the amount of rain we have had the crops still aren't dry enough to harvest yet. This is concerning as the more times the crops get wet the poorer the quality can become and therefore the less money offered for them. As well as this the force of the rain in thunderstorms can knock crops onto the floor and they can be lost so the yield is less. Farmers really are in the hands of the weather...

A break in harvesting means we have been able to start some cultivations in preparation to sow next years crops. I have been ploughing with my brother which will then be knocked down ready to sow oats in October/November. The first application of nitrogen on the oilseed seed rape that was sown a few weeks ago has also been completed.

As well as being in the field I was also in the workshop at the beginning of the week preparing different cultivators ready for when the rest of harvest is complete and we will need them. Being small means I can get in the gaps in machinery to repair them that the boys on the farm can't! But before most of the cultivators can be used we need some more dry and warm days 🤞

Hopefully next time I post we have some more crops gathered safely in the sheds and the weather will be being kind to us!

Stay safe


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