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I've been in the shop...what more is there to say. I last wrote in January and since then nothing much has changed! Here's just a quick update and insight in what I've been up to.

All my time has been spent in the shop learning as much as I can. I've been heavily involved with the everyday running of the shop and also the paperwork. I find this all good practice in preparation for future years. As a young person it is a privilege to be given the opportunities I have and to prove to myself and others what I can do.

We are proud to still be able to support you all again through another uncertain start to the year. We appreciate you shopping local and supporting us. We are still working hard to meet all your needs and provide you with the best quality we can which is something I'm very passionate about. We aim to give you the best every time!

As the warmer, Spring weather approaches the farm is becoming more active again with land work. We have been fertiliser spreading when the weather has allowed. This was mainly completed on the frosty mornings we had a few weeks back as before this it was too wet to travel. The next activity will be Spring drilling when the weather allows us to do so.

With a busier time on the horizon for the farm this may see be being more flexible with my days and fitting both the shop and farm into my week. As farming is so weather dependant you have to be prepared to be flexible and fit in where necessary and when required. I shall also be helping another farmer in a few weeks time with their busy period of lambing. This is hard work with early morning and late nights but it is all made worth it when you have a success story of new life.

Hopefully the next time I write we will be on Boris' roadmap to lifting lockdown and be one step further to normality. In the meantime, I hope you all stay safe and I''ll hopefully be back with some lambing stories and pictures soon!

Stay Safe

Grace x

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