Returning to the shop

I have finished on the farm this week for the Winter apart from the odd day here and there when needed to help out.

We have completed all the Winter drilling we wanted to get done which is some good news. This time last year we were still struggling to get our Winter drilling done as it was so wet. Fingers crossed for a better Autumn and Winter to get the crops off to a good start.

We have had also had some of our sugar beet lifted which has been transported to Whissington factory where it’ll go through the processes to be made into sugar. The rest of our beet will be lifted after Christmas.

All of our cattle have been bought into their Winter housing. They have bedding, silage and some food all grown from our own farm. They shall remain in the sheds until the weather picks up in around April where they shall go back out onto the grass. Having them in over Winter also allows the grass to rest so it is better quality for when they go back out.

So overall, the last few weeks have been busy on the farm and they shall remain fairly busy but with workshop and maintenance jobs. Now all the field work is done for now I am returning back to the shop.

My second day back and I was making pigs in can only mean one thing! Christmas is on its way despite the lockdown so we still have to prepare!

Dont forget to get your orders in. We can’t wait to see you all to create a bit of “normal” festive spirit.

We would like to thank you all for your continued support and we understand it may not be the Christmas your hoping for but we are still here and have the order books open ready to meet your needs! Feel free to pop in or give us a call! You never know you might even get to speak to me now😃

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