Is it the end of Summer?

Well...I will sound like a typical farmer in this post talking about the weather but I can‘t quite believe it. It feels like we had our Summer back in March/April and now we have Winter.

We have managed to get some more crops cut since I last posted at difficulty in between rainy days. The fields we have left standing are now starting to go flat from the force of the rain and because they are becoming heavier. This means they are going to be hard to harvest and we will lose some of the crop.

The land is becoming too wet to even do any cultivations. If the weather carries on this way it can put all the processes behind and crops won’t be sown on time for next year. This means a knock on affect will occur from now through to this time next year.

On a positive note, I’ve had more time to ride my horses and spend time with them. They may not be able to speak but they listen and their actions show more love than any words could. They definitely provide a break for me and make my time with them enjoyable.

Farming is a very isolated job with the long hours and many jobs completed on your own. Even all the challenges that have to be faced such as the weather. It’s the most dangerous industry in the UK and I also believe it’s one of the most dangerous in terms of mental health. So having something to ease your mind and for a break like I have my horses is a massive help.

Fingers crossed the weather picks up for a few more days so we can get harvest in the bag.

I hope your all staying safe and enjoying being able to be out again safely. Don’t forget the farm shop and cafe are open 7 days a week. Pay us a visit, we‘d love to see you.


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