Another Year, Another Lockdown

Since I last wrote we have been placed into another lockdown which feels like last year all over again. As this is the case I'm still working in the shop as we have once again been overwhelmed with the support we have received from you all.

This is my first year not being in education but I have thankfully found myself kept busy with supporting the family by working in the shop. A usual year in the shop would see January as our quietest month so would struggle to find work for me as well as the employees but this year has been different. Seeing customers coming back more than once as regulars and also new faces really makes a difference to our day. We love to have the support especially in these difficult times.

The last few weeks have been steady with every day running of the shop and not much extra going on. As a result of this we have been trialling new products in the kitchen, so watch this space as we may have some new products to try in the pastry counter!

There's nothing much else to say with this time of year. So, again I hope you all stay safe. Thank for your support once and again and we hope it continues. #

Grace :)

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