I've been in the shop...what more is there to say. I last wrote in January and since then nothing much has changed! Here's just a quick update and insight in what I've been up to.

All my time has been spent in the shop learning as much as I can. I've been heavily involved with the everyday running of the shop and also the paperwork. I find this all good practice in preparation for future years. As a young person it is a privilege to be given the opportunities I have and to prove to myself and others what I can do.

We are proud to still be able to support you all again through another uncertain start to the year. We appreciate you shopping local and supporting us. We are still working hard to meet all your needs and provide you with the best quality we can which is something I'm very passionate about. We aim to give you the best every time!

As the warmer, Spring weather approaches the farm is becoming more active again with land work. We have been fertiliser spreading when the weather has allowed. This was mainly completed on the frosty mornings we had a few weeks back as before this it was too wet to travel. The next activity will be Spring drilling when the weather allows us to do so.

With a busier time on the horizon for the farm this may see be being more flexible with my days and fitting both the shop and farm into my week. As farming is so weather dependant you have to be prepared to be flexible and fit in where necessary and when required. I shall also be helping another farmer in a few weeks time with their busy period of lambing. This is hard work with early morning and late nights but it is all made worth it when you have a success story of new life.

Hopefully the next time I write we will be on Boris' roadmap to lifting lockdown and be one step further to normality. In the meantime, I hope you all stay safe and I''ll hopefully be back with some lambing stories and pictures soon!

Stay Safe

Grace x

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Since I last wrote we have been placed into another lockdown which feels like last year all over again. As this is the case I'm still working in the shop as we have once again been overwhelmed with the support we have received from you all.

This is my first year not being in education but I have thankfully found myself kept busy with supporting the family by working in the shop. A usual year in the shop would see January as our quietest month so would struggle to find work for me as well as the employees but this year has been different. Seeing customers coming back more than once as regulars and also new faces really makes a difference to our day. We love to have the support especially in these difficult times.

The last few weeks have been steady with every day running of the shop and not much extra going on. As a result of this we have been trialling new products in the kitchen, so watch this space as we may have some new products to try in the pastry counter!

There's nothing much else to say with this time of year. So, again I hope you all stay safe. Thank for your support once and again and we hope it continues. #

Grace :)

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Firstly, I must apologise for being so inactive. It seems crazy that the last post I wrote was way back when I was just returning back to the shop. Since then, a lot has happened to say the least.

A busy few weeks prepping for Christmas was well underway when I last wrote. We were making pigs in blankets, sausage meat, pork pies... the list goes on. As well as all the extra work in prepping for Christmas there was also the day to day running of the shop to keep on top of as well.

Looking back all I really remember is working 7 days a week from the 7th December and by the time it got to Christmas Eve I remember talking to a colleague and both saying at the same time that we were just running of adrenaline. I have the the job of helping sort and allocate all the orders out the back every year the week before Christmas. It's makes my job better when going through the books and seeing some of the same names that we have every year. Your support really means a lot and makes us fell we do a good job so thank you.

This Christmas will definitely be one to remember for many reason an I think most of us will want to move on and not look back at it. So, to finish off on a Christmas note, personally as part of the family I would like to say thank you for supporting us through difficult times and thank you for being so patient and understanding on the busiest days of our shop year. Seeing happy customers leave us always makes me feel our hard work has paid of and makes my Christmas. I would also like the thank our staff for all their hard work and dedication they put into their work to make it happen and have it running as smoothly as possible.

Moving on, it's new year, it may not have started the way we would all like but we are still here to support you. We remain open throughout the new restrictions so please do pay us a visit. As this is a quieter time of year, I'm spending more time in the office and learning all that I can with both my Granny (Rosemary) and Dad (Robin) passing on what they've learnt over the years down to me.

Being part of the family I find myself doing a bit of everything. So even though in enjoy being active and outside being in the office also plays a huge part in a business these days so it has to be done.

Hopefully I will have more time to write and won't be left so long next time.

Stay safe and I hope to see some of you in the shop

Grace :)

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